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True-False Questions

1.The acronym AIS stands for “Accounting Information Standards.”

2.Accounting information systems must be computerized to be effective.

3.It is best to view an AIS as an accounting system that must be computerized.

4.AISs often create information that is useful to non-accountants.

5.In order to be useful, raw accounting data must be processed by a computer.

6.The path that data follow in an AIS, for example from manual source document to completed output report, is called an audit trail.

7.A company's audit trail is normally easier to follow under a manual data processing system compared to a computerized information processing system.

8.The starting point for an audit trail of a payroll system might be an employee time card.

9.The starting point for an audit trail of a production department might be the purchase of raw materials.

10.The acronym ERP stands for “electronic reporting plan.”

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