Vital Organs/Unconscious State

Vital Organs/Unconscious State: Name some very important organs that are not vital organs…

Vital Organs/Unconscious State

  1. Name some very important organs that are not vital organs.
  2. List the functional description of all the normal vital organs, including today’s exceptions.
  3. Is it possible to live without a vital organ? Why? Example?
  4. Distinction between assisting or substituting vital organs. Bioethical analysis.
  5. Do the following practices assist or substitute the vital organ? Why?
    • Dialysis
    • Respirator
    • Ventilator
    • Tracheotomy
    • CPR
  1. Read and summarize ERD PART FIVE Introduction.
  2. Unconscious state: Definition.
  3. Clinical definitions of different states of unconsciousness: Compare and contrast
  4. Benefit vs Burden: bioethical analysis.

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