Week 5 Discussion Grant Proposal

Week 5 Discussion Grant Proposal: What are some ways that you can make your grant easier to review?

Week 5 Discussion Grant Proposal

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Respond to the following in a minimum of 275 words: 

  • What are some ways that you can make your grant easier to review?
  • What would you do if you received notification that your grant was not funded? How would that affect future attempts to obtain funding from that source?

Week 5 Discussion Grant Proposal
Submitting a grant application involves a process of peer-review to help in determining eligibility for its funding. Therefore, it is necessary to identify ways of making it easier for one’s grant review. It would include ensuring the grant proposal is a persuasive document to ensure the reviewers believe that the project will be worth funding. I would therefore ensure that I make it clear how my research work is exciting and innovative and how it builds on the previous work. I would also write up my grant proposal with consistency in terms of numbers, tenses, or vocabulary used (Krages, 2007). I would also ensure that I pay close attention to the evaluation criteria used by ensuring I have addressed all areas in the evaluation criteria list. Using section headers corresponding to the evaluation criteria order makes it easy for the proposal reviewer to identify my responses. Moreover, I would ensure that I have used the language used in the Request for Proposal.
There is no guarantee for an award of a grant proposal, and in case of a denial, it is always essential to complete due diligence to identify why a donor had denied one’s proposal. It would help me in improving my future requests and also increasing my chances of receiving funding. I would also write a hand-written thank-you note to my potential donor to thank them for their consideration. I would also call the program officer to request feedback on ways I can strengthen future proposals. I would also ensure I have accepted all the feedback graciously while seeking ways to strengthen my relationship with grantors.

Rejection of a grant proposal may impact one’s future attempts to obtain funding from the same source where it was initially rejected. Developing grant proposals is usually an iterative process that involves brainstorming, allowing exploration of new behaviors and ideas, leading to innovation and creativity (Bugos, 2020). Therefore, a grant denial could be an evaluation opportunity. It may offer time for reflection which prepares one or the organization to be more competitive.

Krages, K. P. (2007, July 1). Five ways to improve your grant proposals. https://spie.org/news/spie-professional-magazine-archive/2007-july/five-ways-to-improve–your-grant-proposals?SSO=1
Bugos, J. A. (2020). Fund-a-mental Grant Writing: Opportunities for Teachers and Researchers. Music Educators Journal, 106(3), 60-67.

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