write a script following the instructions below, you can use

write a script following the instructions below, you can use make believe characters  “Relationship Maintenance”Consider one of your close relationships or a close interpersonal relationship that you are familiar with (for example, your parents, a friend, or a relative).  Choose a relationship that could use some maintenance—one that needs some help. Use the questions below to guide your reflective thinking about the relationship and to get your writing started.  There is no need to answer all of the questions—this activity is a journal, not an essay. Answer the questions that are most compelling to you and feel free expand on the questions below as you see fit. The questions draw on information presented in the chapter please refer back to the chapter if you find it helpful in your journaling.*Why does the relationship need maintenance?*What type of commitment do you see in the relationship?  How strong is the commitment?*How could the relational commitment be communicated and / or strengthened?*What could be done to indicate and signal intimacy in the relationship?*Which intimacy signals do you think would be most powerful in terms of strengthening the relationship?

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