Write the following Java Program&nbspDefine a class University

Write the following Java Program: Define a class University that is serializable and has fields String Name, HashMap Students where the key is a string Student id number and the elements are students. It also has a HashMap of courses with key course unique number(CRN). Define a class student which is serializable and comparable by name. Student has a First name and Last name, a student id number and a sortedLinked list of classes, sorted by Semester. Define a class course which has attributes Name, Semester, CRN, and a sortedLinkedList of students, sorted by Name. Classes are serializable and comparable by Semester. The codes for semester will be integer with year then Semester with Spring being 1, summer being 2 and Fall being 3. (i.e. fall 2014 would be 20143) Write a program that declares a university named “University of Illinois” and allows a user to enter courses, enter students and enroll students in courses by putting the student in the class list and putting the class in the students course list. The user can print out a class list by entering the CRN and print out a student class list by entering the students id number. When the user quits, save the university to a binary file and restore it when he starts again. Menu items 1.Add a student to the University 2.Add a course to the university 3.Enroll a student in a course 4.List a student’s courses By entering Student’s id 5.List the students in a course by entering CRN 6.Quit Going to be running the program throught Netbeans

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